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Why Volunteer

We Celebrate You

Our volunteers are extraordinary – and extraordinary deserves to be recognized.  From heartfelt thank yous to our annual Volunteer Celebration and service awards, you’ll feel valued as part of our team.

Keep Learning

You can participate in a variety of interesting workshops and education sessions each year.  The topics are always changing and give you a chance to learn, gain new skills and meet other volunteers in your community.

Ongoing Support

Our Care Managers are simply awesome!  They will check in with you regularly and are always available if you need advice or support.

Improve Your Wellbeing

People who volunteer build strong connections in their community, feel happier, and can ultimately improve their mental and physical health.  Great reasons to reach out and help someone else!

Set For Success

Our excellent training programs will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to be effective – no matter what your role.  Some roles require multi-week courses (e.g. Hospice Care, Bereavement Support) others an evening or half day session (e.g. Friendly Visiting, Home Support Exercise Program).  Either way, you’ll be prepared!

See The Impact

You’ll be working one on one with your client, and because of that, you’ll see firsthand the difference you’re making in their life. There’s nothing more rewarding.

You Only Need An Hour

In as little as an hour a week, you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does a lot of good!

Flexible Schedules

When are you free?  Chances are good we have a client who’s free when you are.  Let us know your availability – we can be flexible.

Create Kindness In The World

Make the world a better place!  All of our volunteer positions help those in need – and that will make you feel pretty wonderful.

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