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Coping with the Holidays

It is that time of year. You know what I mean. That time when there are more invitations, more people and more events to navigate. Then there are the gifts: for co-workers, friends or family. It can be overwhelming. Everyone asking “How are you doing?” Reminding us that our whole life feels like a question mark when grieving.

Of course they forget that for us – Monday can be a hurdle; or Tuesday, or even worse Saturday night. We miss that person every day. It doesn’t matter whether we are sitting by our kitchen sink drinking coffee, or at a book club with a glass of wine. Every day we are navigating a new world, learning our new selves.

So this holiday season we have compiled some information to assist us all in managing special events; whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Wednesday, Christmas or Diwali. All these articles give us permission to give to ourselves. We allow ourselves to say no when it feels too much, and say yes without guilt as we reach toward that new world. Recognizing the changes in others and ourselves without blame but a healing heart. Giving ourselves the gift of the care and attention that we gave our loved one and they gave to us. Today and every day, not just holidays.

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