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Foot Care

Now available in our Burlington Nursing Care Clinic at a discounted rate!

Treat Your Feet

Healthy feet are important for your mobility and overall well-being. From pedicures to more specialized care, we can help!

Our caring team of registered foot care nurses can treat a variety of foot conditions, such as corns and callouses. They can also help with regular foot maintenance, such as the trimming of toenails. The nurses have a variety of skills, and they can accommodate individual needs.


Foot care is available in your own home across Halton, Mississauga and Hamilton.

Club members attending our Adult Day Programs can access foot care on site during their regular day.

Now available in our Burlington Nursing Care Clinic at a discounted rate!  Our Burlington Nursing Care Clinic is located in the plaza at 4155 Fairview Street (near the Piper Arms pub).

“It means I don’t have to go out to have my toenails cut. I don’t have to get a taxi or get my daughter from work. So it’s convenient for me” – Betty Sine, Foot Care Client


There is a cost for foot care, which is dependent on your specific foot care needs.  Lower rates are available for foot care provided in our Nursing Care Clinic.  Please contact us for full details.

How To Book An Appointment:

  1. Call (905) 827-8800 or 1-800-387-7127 and ask to set up a foot care appointment
  2. Fill out the form below:


Foot Care Request

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