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It’s OK not to be OK

Holding Hands SupportivelyThis month Bridges finds us a bit further along in our journey.  We have completed the paperwork; written all the thank you notes and neighbors have stopped dropping off lasagna at the house.  By now we ask ourselves “Shouldn’t I have the hang of this by now?  How it can be two months, six months or a year?” “How am I still struggling?”

Surrounded by work colleagues or friends who have already forgotten or pushed aside the loss that has shaken our world, we question where the capable, interesting person we used to be went…and will they ever come back?

In our first edition of Bridges we spoke of the Uniqueness of Grief – but this time we acknowledge in Megan Devine’s website that it is in fact “OK to not be OK”.  We are human, not machines and “Grief does not work on a timetable, or bend obedient to plans.” (Devine 2017)  We’ve included one of her blogs below and invite you to explore her website Refuge in Grief which provides innumerable free resources for all of us, those who are grieving and those providing support.

The corporate world may allocate only one to two days of bereavement leave in the first rough days of the grief journey, but we know that grief is not finite.  It cannot be measured by time, or space.  Because grief is love, just as infinite and immense.  Knowing that, we will walk alongside with you into that unknown future together crossing all those Bridges.

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