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Welcome and Bienvenue to Bridges.

Acclaim Health’s Bereavement Program is pleased to provide a new service. Once a month we will be publishing a monthly online newsletter via email and will include articles, local information and tips. It will be curated at Acclaim Health locally, and speak to the interests and concerns expressed by our Halton clients.

Grief is diverse, unique and individual and yet universal. It joins us together in understanding like few other life events, crossing every boundary; race, faith, sexuality, income, and yet is so personal and private. We have started our newsletter with an article about the “Uniqueness of Grief” in recognition of this inherent duality in bereavement.

This uniqueness of experience mirrors the variety of Bereavement Services available through Acclaim Health. Whether a Walking group, Support group, Peer Support Volunteer or Newsletter – we are “each one of us unique, staring into the flames, violent and unequaled” (R Coover) in our own personal journey. Fortunately, it is not a path we need to walk alone, for it is our privilege as to be present alongside.

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