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Finding a Purpose in Retirement

“I hope that the good with that Acclaim Health does always continues. I feel teary when I think back on what I have experienced, and I am so glad that I have had this opportunity.” 

Dave Page first started volunteering with Acclaim Health in 2001. On the brink of retirement, Dave wanted to find something rewarding to fill all the free time he was about to have. It wasn’t until he came across Acclaim Health’s outreach for volunteers in his church bulletin that he knew where to start. The day after, he applied to be a volunteer.

 “I have always been very busy through my working career, and after I retired, I wasn’t going to be as busy. I wanted to find something fulfilling to do for my future,” shared Dave. “Finding Acclaim Health was very timely and really suited what I wanted to do with my time. I did want to be of help to others if I could.”

A screenshot of Dave smiling on a zoom call Knowing a bit about Acclaim Health already, Dave thought it would be a rewarding fit. Now, 20 years later, Dave is still volunteering!  He helps out with our Friendly Visiting program and briefly supported the Palliative Care and the Home Support Exercise Program.

“It has given me a feeling of having done something worthwhile. I had a purpose in life to be this visitor, and the friendships I have built have been very memorable,” shared Dave. “It has really contributed to my own well-being.”

Our Friendly Visiting volunteers meet with isolated older adults for companionship and conversation.  They may also take the client out for coffee, walks, or help with a few errands.  Visits usually happen once a week for 1-2 hours.

“Every person I visited shared with me their special life experiences and feelings. In a few unfortunate cases where my clients passed away, I feel like I lost a friend. I feel all my visits were mutually beneficial.” shared Dave. “My one client that passed away left his bible for me. Even just from knowing him just for a few weeks, I learnt a lot of that friendship.”

Over the years, Dave has been a friendly visitor to many different clients, building friendships and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“People may be very hesitant to do this stuff, but it is very rewarding,” shared Dave. “Give it a shot; I would never have thought I would have done this.”

Dave standing outside holding a bouquet of flowers.

Pictured here: Dave receiving flowers and his certificate for 20 years of volunteer service.

Volunteer matches are based on shared interests to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for both the client and the volunteer.  We offer support to all of our volunteers, even if they’ve been with us for 20 years, ensuring this experience is just as meaningful to them!

 “The support you give the volunteers is huge; it is really special,” shared Dave. “Wonderful training, the team is always in contact with you, and the supervision has been excellent. It is an exceptional way that Acclaim Health treats their volunteers.”

Although the pandemic has changed how you can volunteer, our community needs human connection now, more than ever. Acclaim Health offers a variety of volunteer options to fulfill everyone’s needs.  For more information on becoming a volunteer, click here: /volunteer/

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