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Tony and Sandy’s Story – Dementia Adult Day Program

When after fifty years of marriage my best friend and life partner, Tony, slowly became a different person because of dementia, our lives changed forever.

We were robbed of all of the things we loved to do together.  Travel became difficult.  Eating in a restaurant or attending a concert became stressful.  Socializing with family and friends – or even attending our church – became strained.  Shopping together became a chore.

One by one, all of these things soon became impossible.

As our world began to shrink, Tony did not even want me to be in different room.

I cannot express how Tony’s time at the Adult Day Program changed our lives.  Tony had a safe and understanding place with people who understood his needs.  I was able to resume life for a few hours and recharge.

There is an ever increasing need for this program in Oakville.  Not only for the ever increasing number of people with dementia, but also for their caregivers whose mental and physical health deteriorates with every passing day.

The need for overnight respite is pressing so that caregivers can have a longer break for a holiday, catch up on much needed sleep, or look after medical problems.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Acclaim Health for continuing to fill this urgent need.

-Sandy Marchand

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