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Vision, Mission & Values


Extraordinary community care.



Providing the care and support you need to live well at home.



These are the values we strive to live up to each day.


Caring is one of our most cherished values has always been deeply embedded in Acclaim Health’s culture.  We care for our community by proactively working to address community needs; we care for our clients and their families through the extraordinary care we provide; we care for each other through the empathy and respect we show our colleagues; and we practice self-care in recognition of the emotional and physical toll our work can sometimes take.


Collaboration articulates the spirit in which Acclaim Health approaches all of its many relationships.  From clients, who are involved from day one in their care plan, to the organizations with whom we partner to find solutions and provide care, we will work effectively and creatively towards common goals and the greater good.


No matter how good things are, they can always be better.  We never lose sight of our rigorous pursuit of an extraordinary experience for our clients, their families, our volunteers, our staff, our donors, and our funders and partners.


We see the whole person.  We intentionally make room for all voices, experiences and perspectives at Acclaim Health and harness this collective input to ensure our care is reflective of our community and our clients’ and their families needs.


We will do the right thing.  Always.  Every time.  This means putting the clients’ needs first, it means owning up to and learning from our mistakes, and it means being accountable, open and honest with our stakeholders and partners.


We recognize that change is necessary if we are going to improve.  We’ll seek evidence-based solutions to problems, engage clients and families in program improvement, and be willing to try new approaches to drive our forward evolution.

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