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Dorothy and Audrey – An Everlasting Bond

Dorothy and Audrey – An Everlasting Bond

“Audrey is my lifeline”

Dorothy didn’t know that a normal trip to the bank one day would change her life for the better forever. It all started when a bank teller simply asked her if she’d like some company. Dorothy knew that she’d love to have a new friend in her life, so she said yes. The bank teller then connected her with Acclaim Health’s Friendly Visiting program, which has volunteers visit seniors in Halton to ensure they don’t become socially isolated. Our staff paired Dorothy with a volunteer named Audrey, and an everlasting friendship blossomed.

Audrey has visited her every second week for the last 10 years, and Dorothy always looks forward to Audrey’s visits. She knows that Audrey will come dressed nicely with bright eyes and an eagerness to talk about each other’s lives and families.

Since Dorothy loves to read, Audrey often brings novels that are recommended by her husband, and Dorothy usually enjoys them more than the ones she picks out herself. She has now read 300 books over seven years thanks to her personal book club with Audrey’s family.  “Audrey is my lifeline,” shared Dorothy. “She is very good to me. When Audrey comes in my door… I feel just terrific.”

With all of Dorothy’s wisdom and positivity, Audrey gets just as much out their friendship. “I was so blessed to have Dorothy as my first client,” she revealed. “It’s interesting to learn so much about Dorothy’s life… I leave the place with a skip in my step when I’ve been to visit. She’s just a wonderful, wonderful lady.”

Audrey started volunteering with Acclaim Health to give back to the community. Since she joined Friendly Visiting, she has had three clients and has enjoyed her time with each of them. They’ve all had their own interests and life experiences to share with Audrey.

More everlasting friendships in Halton are just waiting to be formed. Learn how to receive a Friendly Visiting volunteer or become one yourself by clicking here: acclaimhealth.ca/programs/social-supports/volunteer-friendly-visiting-for-older-adults/

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