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A Story About Bereavement


A Story About Bereavement

“I have come through this grief because of Acclaim Health”

When a loved one passes away, the grief can be a difficult journey that takes the mind into uncharted territory, but there’s a chance to feel hopeful and grateful on the other side.

“Looking back, it’s really an adventure,” shared Judy. After her partner, Rick, passed away in January of 2022, she felt loss in a way that she had never felt before. Her mind was in a fog for months, but she came out of it with the help of Acclaim Health’s bereavement services.

Judy didn’t know much about bereavement before, but she knew a lot about Acclaim Health. For a long time, Acclaim Health’s personal support workers and the Adult Day Program helped Judy care for Rick while he was living with Alzheimer’s Disease. The staff also connected her with the Halton Paramedic Community Program, which greatly assisted Rick during the last months of his life.

A few months after his passing, Judy learned from an Acclaim Health staff member that “Acclaim Health provides services to caregivers beyond caregiving.” She then referred Judy to a counselor who could regularly speak with her about grief. Judy later said that this counselor was a “gem.” They were wise and listened to her without judgement or distraction, which was exactly what Judy needed.

Over time, Judy felt ready to discuss her thoughts and feelings with more people. She joined two of Acclaim Health’s bereavement support groups, which were held over Zoom calls. The first was the Coffee & Conversation Virtual Drop-In Support Group, which had 30 grieving participants. They’d shared their feelings, listen, and support each other with words.

The second was the Spousal Loss Virtual Support Group, which had 10 participants. They’d read enlightening texts and have thoughtful discussions. Never did Judy feel pressured to speak. Some days she just listened and learned from others. Other days, she’d speak while others listened and learned from her.

While the two support groups discussed different topics, both helped Judy heal, discover new ways to think about her relationship with Rick, and understand how others experience grief differently. She made breakthroughs and found it wonderful to witness others do the same.

“I have come through this bereavement and this grief because of Acclaim Health”, shared Judy. “I’m really, really grateful for it… I don’t think I would be here today if it wasn’t for these services.”

If you or somebody you know is experiencing grief, please take a look at the bereavement services that Acclaim Health provides by clicking here: /programs/hospice-and-bereavement/bereavement-support/

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