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Pain and Symptom Management


Educational Support for Nurse Led Breathlessness Intervention Program

COPD Recommendations from Canadian Thoracic Society

Evidence-Based Toolkit for Health Care Professionals on Breathlessness Management, Peel Regional Cancer Program

Managing Your Breathing, Peel Regional Cancer Program

Managing Shortness of Breath (videos)



Drug Product Search, Health Canada

Drugs Used in Palliative Care (palliativedrugs.com)

Medscape Drug Interaction Checker

Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Canada (ISMP)

Ontario College of Pharmacists

Natural Medicines Database



Accreditation Pain Standard (Canadian Pain Standard), Canadian Pain Society

Assessing Pain in Older Adults with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Association

Assessment and Management of Pain Best Practice Guideline (RNAO)

Long Term Care Best Practices re Pain (RNAO)

Long Term Care Best Practices Toolkit (RNAO)

Pain Assessment for the Cognitively Impaired – A. Brignell

Pain Assessment – Pediatric (7-12 years) from Hospital for Sick Children- Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale

Cancer Breaththrough Pain and Rapid Onset Opioid – JBMH Palliative Pearl

Fentanyl Patches – ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin

Guidelines for Developing a Pain Management Program

Opioid Myths #1 – HPC Tip of the Month

Opioids Myths #2 – HPC Tip of the Month

Opioid Toxicity – HPC Tip of the Month


Pain Assessment Tools for Cognitively Impaired

Pain Care


Pain Management for Older Persons

Pain Management of Persistant Pain in the Elderly Consensus Statement

A Practical Guide for the Clinician: Neuropathic Pain

SBAR Pain Report

Long Term Care SBAR Report to Physician

Subcutaneous Indwelling Access Sample Protocol

World Health Organization Analgesic Stepped Approach


Palliative Sedation

Palliative Sedation Guidelines, Alberta Health Services

End of Life Online Curriculum, Standford University (Palliative Care Training Portal)

Palliataive Sedation and Nursing, Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing 2007

Palliative Sedation (Capital Health, Alberta)

Palliative Sedation Protocol (Champlain Region, June 2010)

Palliative Sedation Therapy – Sample Policy

Palliative Sedation Therapy Education Presentation

Sedation Scales:

Terminal Sedation – JBMH Palliative Pearls


Other Symptoms

Access to Palliative Care Articles from Palliative Care Matters (UK)

American Geriatrics Society

Cancer Care Ontario – Collaborative Palliative Care Plans:

Cancer Care Ontario Symptom Management Tools – Anxiety, Appetite, Bowel, Delirium, Depression, Dyspnea, Fatigue, Nausea & Vomiting, Oral Care, Pain

DNRC Form – Example Only

DNRC Form – How to Order

Edema – HPC Tip of the Month

Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program


ESAS Patient Instructions

Hydration Management – Policy and Procedure



From CarePartners:


General Resources

Knowledge Transfer Department Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (IC/ES – data on Health Care)

Long Term Care Best Practices Toolkit, 2nd edition

Long Term Care Homes Publication, Government of Ontario

Malignant Spinal Cord Compression – HPC Tip of the Month

Mayo Clinic

Media Watch by Barry Ashpole (International Palliative Care Resource Centre)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre

Myoclonus – HPC Tip of the Month

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (US)

National Council for Palliative Care (UK)

Performance Improvement Model

Performance Improvement -International Society for Performance Improvement

Palliative Performance Scale (PPS)

PSW Pocket Docket – Backrub

PSW Pocket Docket – Flyers

PSW Pocket Docket – Sleep Hygiene

PSW Pocket Docket – Towel Bath

Radiation Therapy – JBMH Palliative Pearls

RNAO Best Practice Guidelines

SBAR Palliative Reporting

SBAR Communication Tool

SBAR Tool (Fillable)


Long Term Care SBAR Report to Physician

Sedation Scales:

Sexuality and Intimacy in LTC

Subcutaneous Indwelling Access Sample Protocol

Thrush – HPC Tip of the Month

Terminal Sedation – JBMH Palliative Pearls


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